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If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen all this brightly coloured, beautiful printed fabric cut out into enough pieces to make two girls sun hats.  What a disaster!!!I followed, what turned out to be a horrific tutorial and in the end even the pattern pieces didn’t match up. This is what I was left with.

                   Sun Hat Fail! This sun pattern didn’t work. But the fabric is fabulous.


And this was my second attempt! I had previously ripped everything out, assuming I must have done something wrong. Eventually I’ll rip the seams out and try and re-purpose what’s there. But for now, these have been thrown across the craft room.


              Polka dot girls dress. Simplicity pattern.

I needed to work on something satisfying immediately.  So, I choose a beautiful fabric, a REAL old Fashion Simplicity Pattern, I embellished myself with the folds down the front.

I stitched it up in time for Violet to wear it to school. I just LOVE it. It filled the void the sun hats left.

                      A simple girl’s dress. I embellished the front with a folded fringe. So cute.

It’s so sweet don’t you think!?

Fits perfectly! She loves it too. Perfect girls dress pattern for everyday.

…and on her head, is one of my old sun hats.

What started as a sun hat fail, turned into a great little sun dress success. One of my old sun hats did just fine.



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  • Shawna

    LOVE it!!! Come teach me pretty please!!!!

  • Helen

    Hi thank you for the invite, I think your amazing and delightful to watch , I watched your tutorial on the Gemini Backpack and with your help I was able to produce a lovely colourful bag , yes I could have been neater yes I could have ironed more but still quite proud Xx ps Hi from UK xx

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