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Would this be an example of something we wished we would have had as kids? Probably.

Ninja Warrior Hack

Ninja Warrior Hack

Granted summer is nearly through but we finally had a free week while the kids were at camp, so we decided to surprise them with a Ninja Course over the pool.

They love the show American Ninja Warrior, and  love playing ninja at the park, so we though this would be a great way for extra fun (and exercise!)

We used a combination of store bought and homemade things! (see project link below)

In order for the dangling rings, and bars etc. to fall where we needed them, we needed to add more loops to the slack line, as the ones it came with didn’t fall in the right spots for it to be centred in the pool.

For that I used 1.5 inch nylon (like backpack straps) cut into 5 inch strips. I used a lighter to melt the ends so they wouldn’t fray.

Ninja Warrior Hack


I then sewed them using a zig-zag stitch on the Janome 6650.  This is an all metal heavy duty machine.  I used a leather needle and it sewed through the multiple layers of heavy nylon, like a hot knife through butter!

Ninja Warrior Hack


For anyone reading this in Canada and looking for a work horse machine, perfect for heavy duty jobs, quilting and every day sewing, this great all rounder is going to be on The Shopping Channel (TSC) on September 25th, 2019.


Janome Memory Craft 6650

Janome Memory Craft 6650


Looped in all the bars, ladders and rings…and it was done! Ninja Warrior Hack

It was that easy!

Happy Sewing!




Ninja Warrior Hack

Ninja Warrior Hack

Here’s a list of all the products I recommend for this project


Janome Sewing Machines

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