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Well hello!  A lot of work has been happening off-line and I’ve got a Craft Room Tour Video to help bring you up to speed.

I’ve spent most of my summer holidays making over my craft room, and weekend since … making this Video and many more months before that remaking this website. Both (I think) are looking swell and much more inspiring.


Jennifer Tryon’s Craft Room

You’ll notice a few new changes to Tryon a HomeMade Life too.

Specifically, I’ve added a few new sections. , which is a long list of my favourite supplies. So you know exactly what I’m using here.

Specifically, I’ve added a few new sections. My Favourite Crafty Things, which is a long list of my favourite supplies. So you know exactly what I’m using here.

I’ve also added a SHOP! It’s called Violets & Rubies. (awwwww….but full disclosure….I’m not really going into business, This is just where I will occasionally post things I’m willing to make for other people or if people want to order something they can.) I’ve also sectioned off the website into my favourite crafty categories, things I do most often like, Cards, Cakes, Sewing & the Home.

Finally, I have a new section for Videos. I work in television by day, and sometimes night…so I can’t resist the urge to film things.  So Videos is where you’ll find evidence of my crafting adventures.  First up is a tour of the new space.  So I hope you’ll stick around and take a good snoop through the site and my craft room.

I hope you’ll subscribe to my Youtube Channel too, because I’ve got more videos in the works!


If you like some of the things you saw in the video…here’s a few links of where you can find them. Happy Crafting!


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  • Cindy Wendt

    Hi Jennifer, found your gorgeous studio on Pinterest. anyway, some wonderful person shared the correct link and everything.
    So here I am checking it out and watched your included Video.
    This is probably a long shot. but I couldn’t help notice the “Black” block hanging on your design wall was all mixed around. Just hoping you didn’t sew it into a quilt without noticing. Sorry to notice, but I am thinking you would rather know now and hopefully haven’t finished the project.
    Maybe someone was switching your blocks around before you got to sew together and you didn’t notice.

    • Cindy Wendt

      Hi Jennifer, lol, I just found or your Video dated April 2016, you found your own mistake. Loved seeing how you organised your space. What a dream studio. 🙂

    • Jennifer

      haha. I know! I debated for months whether to tear it out and sew it in correctly…in the end i left it, because i thought it was funny…and “real.
      Good eye!

  • Diana

    Hi Jennifer
    I just watched your Craft Studio and love it….I have a question regarding the back wall … the wall where your paper is stored…looks like “3 file cabinets” at the bottom with other stuff stored on top. What exactly is that and where did you get it? I want a long File Cabinet for my space (to store projects not using right now in) and don’t really want the “office look” and yours looks more “cabinetry (if that a word and if not I just made it up :)) Thanks for sharing

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