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Wow.  Such an amazing response to the blog, thank you all.  I’m getting some recurring questions/comments.  How? When? People get the why, usually. With the amount of time I work outside of the house, many would assume I spend zero time with my three kids and husband. Not true, not true at all.


There she is, never very far from me.

Kids love crafts more than anything, well, except candy, and Christmas, and swimming.  Okay,  there are many things kids love more than crafts, but they do like them a lot. Plus, they love being with you, proven by the fact they never leave you alone.  So perfect combo. However, instead of sitting monitoring them colouring a monkey or gluing glitter on a pine cone, and especially more than doing the dishes, make something yourself.

Yes, they’ll want to do what you’re doing more than their monkey art, that’s okay. Recruit them.

Granted everything takes longer, but the alternative is not doing it. (or doing the dishes) Eventually she’ll get bored and go back to her glitter and you’ll be knee deep into a project.

As long as you accept some truths about letting your kids help.  Things will, I repeat WILL get messed up.


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  • Carol

    Ruby’s dress was just beautiful Jen! It reminded me of the time I made Krista a little yellow coat. I was so proud of it and I lined it and everything! She looked adorable then and now!!!xoxoxo

    • Jennifer Tryon

      Awe, that’s awesome. It is such a nice feeling when they’ll actually wear what you made them!

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