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A Burlap Wreath

I love that so many people were interested in making one of these wreaths from my previous post. They’re super easy and I guarantee you’ll love it.

                              My front door

Watch the VIDEO!

You don’t need much to make it.

                                   You don’t need much


  • approx 25 yards of 6 inch burlap (more or less depending on how full you like it). Buy burlap with “finished edges” and it won’t fray. Usually sold in 10 yard spools.
  • one wire wreath form – I used 18 inch (again, choose your size) for the big ones and 10 inch for small (green one)
  • decoration – I used a dark green 6 inch burlap as a ribbon. Don’t go overboard decorating it. Less is more I say, except at buffets.
  • corresponding thread
  • needle

A few supply tips: You can buy less expensive burlap in bulk, 100 yards online, (seems like a lot, but makes about 5 wreaths) However, if you can hit Micheal’s with a 40% off coupon, then it’s worth buying the smaller spools there. The wire wreath forms can be expensive too, so needless to say, this was about 10 trips with about 10 different coupons. You can see, to the left…that’s a long receipt I intend on hiding from my husband. (I should have cropped that out!)

Don’t look at how long that receipt is, that snuck in there…

This is a very fast project, there’s no sewing or gluing or even cutting, until you get to decorating your wreath. The burlap part can be finished in about 20 minutes. They really turn out beautifully.

Burlap Wreath on a Red Door


Find a place to start on the wire frame, any section will do. Notice that the wire frame is divided into sections, and each section has three slats.

Take the end of your burlap and fold it over about 4-5 inches, making a loop, and push it up the first slat in your first section.

Once it’s up, make a second loop using the tail of burlap that’s hanging underneath. Bring that fold/loop through the next slat so it sits beside the first, but on the parallel slat. We’re working right to left, then back from left to right. Each slat on the wire frame should get a loop. Three loops per row on this frame.

Once you’ve reached the inner edge of the row, squish the fabric up, like you’re opening an umbrella, toward the little stop bar on the frame. You want to squeeze as many rows of loops into each section as you can. You’ll see the bunching starting already.Then, from underneath fold together the next four inches, and push that up into the MIDDLE slat underneath the first row. If you were to start the row back directly underneath, in the inner slat, then the loop would fall out.

Fill each section with loops

You can start pulling a bit more than 4 inches in parts to give it a more irregular look, or really squish in lots of row in each section if you really like it puffy. If you think you might run out of burlap, then don’t put as many rows in the section. Try and to use the same amount of fabric in each section, this will keep the circle from looking lopsided.

                  Keep filling each section until you make it all the way around.

Once you get all the way around the wreath and you’re satisfied with it’s girth…cut it off. It likely is secure enough that you don’t need to sew it to the frame, but you can it if you like or simply tuck the last of it into a loop. There’s lots of places for the edge of the last loop to hide.

Now to the decorating. But first…snack break.

                            Phew, that was a long 15 minutes…better re-fuel.

Decorating your wreath, here are some options:

Big burlap bow, burlap flowers, family initials, Christmas bulbs, holly, berries. You name it. It’s yours so do what you like. If you’re giving it away, I’d suggest keeping it simple.

Attach using corresponding thread colour. And you’re done. I made a few as gifts. There are a few more to do.

The dining room looks like a sweat shop.

I know my mom is wanting one…(it’s COMING!!!)

My mother and father-in-law just moved into a new house, so did my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, so they each got one this weekend.

                             I think she liked it!

I also made a smaller one out of a 10 inch frame, and the same green burlap I used for the bow, for the inside of our front door.

                    Small 10inch burlap wreath, cream burlap bow

The green burlap is a nice twist on traditional pine.

                        A wreath on the inside of the door too.

Looks a little small on the door, I think, might be better suited for a window.

                   The green burlap is nice if you like it to look like traditional pine.

                     A Burlap Wreath. Nice and wintery

I hope you’ll give it a try, feel free to email me if you have any questions!

                 A burlap wreath on a red door. Is there a more perfect combo?

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  • thistlecovefarm

    this is a fantastic tutorial; many thanks for having it as individual photos and not as a video.

    • Jennifer Tryon

      I’m so glad you found it helpful!! I hope your wreath turned out beautifully.

  • Shelley C

    Don’t know if this is the right place to enter for the wreath, but I sure would love to win it! I’m making a doll quilt for my granddaughter this year. Hubs is painting an old doll cradle to go with it.

  • Susan

    What a beautiful wreath! Thank you for the tutorial. I hope I win (fingers crossed) but if not, hopefully I can make one just as nice from your tutorial!

  • Whitney

    Super cute!! It would look so good in my house! Thanks for a chance to win!!
    whitclark24 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • BreannaS

    So very beautiful! Great job on a detailed tutorial

  • Mandi

    How beautiful! I made a tree skirt this year!

  • Lady J

    Such a cute wreath. I am making stockings this year

  • Amy C

    Oh wow – this is perfect for a gift for my sister. I will definitely be trying this – cheers!!

  • LisaT

    Love that. Our door is naked this year. Hubby decided we needed to upgrade as our current wreath is a kids theme and the kids are all grown. Thanks!

  • Courtney

    Where did you find dark grey burlap? I can’t find it anywhere but online and it is really expensive

    • Jennifer Tryon

      It’s not dark grey, it’s actually just the regular natural color… (Brownish color) I just bought the rolls at Michaels. I’ve never seen grey, but you could paint the burlap if you really wanted that color. Roll it on, let it dry then roll It on the other side.

  • Cess Cita Miguel

    Hi Jennifer,
    I stumbled into your website as I was just searching how many burlaps would I have to buy using a 20 inch wire wreath.
    I’m so completely happy having found your site providing me all the guide and resources I need to make this possible!!!
    My sister have requested if I can make this for her instead of buying it ready-made from a popular site since it’s so expensive, so I made my own research and found it seems like so very easy to do, so long as you have the right tools or materials. My sister didn’t have time to do this although she’s very creative too, so I’ll do it for her.
    Again, I wanted to extend my appreciation for all the work that you do and sharing all of your creativity, knowledge, time and effort to the whole world!!! You don’t know how much it meant to all of us!
    Take care of yourself and abundant blessings to all of your future ideas and endeavors to come! An early Thanksgiving to you and your family!
    —- Cess Cita Hernandez from Chicago, IL

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